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Two of my own play reviews...

I suppose I ought to start linking to my own stuff, if not out of some semblance of pride then for my own archival purposes. Except my paper's site isn't archiving enough stuff right now and they're low on copy anyway, so I'm stuck with two out of ten reviews here...oh well, more in my print archives at home...

I've been publishing local theatre reviews for about eight months with the Bay Times, semi-regularly. It's a weekly San Francisco paper focusing on a non-heteronormative readership (in other words, the triangular top of the "y" in Bay is colored pink). Why publish at a paper with such a specific bent? Because they'll let me, of course.

Here's a review of The Ballad of Edgar Cayce: A Bluegrass Musical, and here's one of Terrence McNally's Bad Habits. More to come...


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Sep. 3rd, 2008 03:23 am (UTC)
I guess this is the start to these viewings of your inner workings we keep hearing about? Looks a lot like your outer workings to me... but still, a post written by you is better than a link to an article!

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